An ode diligently unfinished

An ode diligently unfinished (2019, Goldsmiths Interim Exhibition, LONDON, UK) nylon, wool, elastic, viscose rayon, concrete, cotton. 6m (length) x 0.6m (width) x 0.01m (thick)

On the surface of this work is a glossy superficial slime, digitally woven together using nylon, wool, elastic, viscose rayon and drone footage. The irregular surface seems to cloak the flotsam and jetsam of a drowned world. A nearby polluted tidal creek bed was mapped in an unorthodox manner to produce this topological form. A thin concrete cast was submerged to bathymetrically capture the bottom of the creek. The section of the creek that was mapped is zoned for redevelopment. The concrete underside in this work mimics the developer’s soon-to-be material dream. Combined, the concrete form and slime surface nevertheless resist capture and float ominously in the gallery like a spectre from a long-forgotten landscape.