In 2019 while studying at Goldsmiths University, I enrolled at Lewisham Construction College in South East London. I worked with the College to reassemble bricklaying exercises and roof truss construction into idiosyncratic sculptural forms that referenced decorative aspects of domestic dwellings. Engaging with the students and the college staff we combined various exercises that would otherwise have been discrete brick wall designs or common roof trusses. The decorative elements of the roof truss and brick wall sculptures referenced domestic utility yet were obsolete because of the obstruction of the enigmatic assemblage. The works served as domestic puzzles.

The work was exhibited at Goldsmith’s studio gallery which was situated in Lewisham Construction Colleges’ old classrooms. Goldsmiths was expanding and Lewish Construction College’s enrollment numbers had declined, necessitating the leasing out of the College’s grounds to the University. The work exposed the dynamics of the shifting relationship between the two educational institutions and their wider social contexts.

The roof trusses were further developed with carpenters River Jean and Mads Wood and exhibited in my graduate exhibition: Goldsmiths Degree Show