Goldsmiths Degree Show

Heuristics along a path towards its own form (2020, London, UK) Perspex, Charcoal, Cork. Various Dimensions.

The effect of fire is stored within these burnt structures, which are both recognisably domestic and architecturally idiosyncratic. This work revisits a memory of a devastating fire 17 years earlier. Reliving that catastrophe in the 2020 Australian bushfires produced distorted memories of a life-threatening event that is now considered normal and expected. Cork and charcoal are the material echos of those two events. The heat haze entrance piece originates from a history of special effects. Mirages appear in extreme heat which can cause bodily distress. Here, the optical phenomenon is captured at a short distance and in a temperate climate, refracting light through perspex to create an illusory image.

The work originated from a class I enrolled in at Lewisham Construction College: Boundaries