Lovec, Ljubljana Biennial

Exhibited as a part of the 29th Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic Arts, Lovec involved the construction of a workshop at which visitors could have their broken and unwanted objects repaired. Taking a playful and investigative approach to the objects and the space, the work centred around an enclosed corridor. This corridor was conceived as a kind of physical sorting system in which objects were first broken down into their smallest physical components and then, from there, re-grouped based on a range of shifting criteria. Once atomised, the objects were re-examined, reconsidered and then finally repurposed in the creation of new objects. The project was developed on-site over the course of a month. The location was a former hunting store in what the locals called the “socialist style.” The final form of the project was a direct response to the unique and vehement character of the space. Visitors entered the installation by pulling on a rubber tube. The door would slide out in an action reminiscent of a kitchen cutlery draw.

Lovec was realised by the art collective Bababa International and involved members Tom Melick, Ivan Rhule and myself.